Sam and Sam’s Tekkit Ender Quest Part 59

So what’s it like inside a minecraft fortress? Tonight on the menu: SILVERFISH

Sam and Sam’s Tekkit Ender Quest Part 58

We near our goal after creating the EYES OF ENDER (dum-da-da-dum….), resulting in an episode improbably featuring both getting lost in the desert and drowning while mining!
Plus a mega-surprise at the end.

Cimmerian Space: An Interview with Nick Fallon of F3D Games

As promised, this week I bring to you something a little different! So I was contacted a little while ago by someone from F3D games about an upcoming browser-based 3D HTML5 freemium space shooter called Cimmerian Space. I thought ok, I don’t really play any Facebook games and it’s not usually my kind of thing, but why not have a look? As I looked up their Kickstarter page, I started to realise that it sounds kind of awesome. If you’ve been frequenting my blog for any length of time, you probably know I’m a huge sci fi geek and I’m willing to bet that many of you guys are as well. So how could a mature sci fi game featuring real time space combat, a story-based missions, crazy aliens and futuristic characters not be intriguing? Yup, it’s certainly not your typical Facebook game. In fact, F3D currently have  a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to implement a crew system for deeper gameplay and a photo shoot to bring the characters to life. They already had a photo shoot before with little funding and the results were pretty amazing (you can have a look for yourself on their Kickstarter page and have check out some of the photos below). The photos and the game itself have this dark, gritty, hi-tech style, which is at once reminiscent of a lot of traditional sci fi, but is also unique in really capturing that sense of futuristic high fashion that they were intending to showcase. 

The story goes like this:

“The world of Cimmerian Space is set against the backdrop of a civil war as the
desperate outer colonies fight for freedom from the Centrist government. Meanwhile
the mysterious and ancient Cimmerian’s are spreading their dark influence over
humanity and threatening to engulf the whole of known space. War, invasion,
treachery, resistance, passion, and adventure await those who’ll risk all to explore
this vivid new universe.”

Naturally, I had to find out more and to that end, Nick Fallon, founder of F3D and creator of Cimmerian Space kindly agreed to have a chat with me about his upcoming game. He also gave me a live demo of the game and I got to try it out for myself. Although, it was still in the early stages of development I thought it had a lot of promise and the space combat seemed fun and addictive. The other features, such as bounty hunting and trading seemed to add a lot of flair and variety to the game and I’m eager to try out those elements for myself in the beta. There was clearly more depth than your average Facebook game and it’s one I can see myself actually playing for extended periods of time. I’ll let him explain in further detail what the game is about and why you should get involved in their Kickstarter campaign. On with the interview!

What were your inspirations or influences in creating Cimmerian Space?

I’m a huge sci fi fan, recent influences are Firefly and Farscape, but also loved the story lines from Babylon 5 and Han Solo of course! The Cimmerians are similar to the Shadows but we have added a twist, the Cimmerian Nano-Virus which can allows the aliens to take control of their hosts. The Cimmerian Agents transmit the virus via blood or saliva, hence the Cimmerian Seduction!

Characters from the game

Characters from the game


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Guest Post: The Console War isn’t about hardware – It’s about IPs

Here’s another guest post for you all to enjoy. Check out more details about the author below! Now over to Charlie:

Since February this year, we have heard a lot about Sony’s console offering and we’ve heard a lot about Microsoft’s console offering. It’s been in the mainstream media as well as the specialist press and online publications. The gaming conferences have been streamed live online, in order to cover these momentous announcements and Pre-orders have been taken at multiple retailers across the UK, Europe and the US, showing unrivalled and growing interest in the games console industry. But in the end, when the consoles are released I suspect it won’t be the hardware that is the deciding factor for many people to base their purchasing decisions on. Continue reading