Why you might want to skip trade shows like E3

photo 5 photo 4Having been to a few trade shows like E3 and GDC the thing that really struck me was the number of consumers or at least people only loosely tied to the industry there were in attendance. I usually found this out from either talking to people or… to be honest, it’s pretty obvious. The few people in cosplay or getting really rowdy are probably not necessarily there for work. I have no issue with this of course. I mean, if you want to go and enjoy yourself, then go for it! In fact I kind of miss going to consumer conventions like the MCM Expo in London, which I used to attend twice a year, because of the atmosphere and amazing people who would turn up. Trade shows aren’t like that. Yet I’ve heard a lot of non-industry people talking about how they would do anything to go to E3 and I’m not sure if they’re just setting themselves up for disappointment. I’m not saying don’t go, but I’d like to explain some of my experiences of shows like E3 and you can make up your own mind if it’s something you want to spend your cash on. My focus here is mainly on E3 as that seems to be the one that most people want to attend, but it applies equally to other trade shows. Continue reading

MCM Expo 2013 aka London Comic Con

Here is the much promised write-up of the London Comic Con, which took place last weekend. I realise this is very different from the stuff I usually write about – it isn’t just about video games for one thing, but what the hell, I figure it’s something you guys would enjoy reading about, since you guys are probably all geeks or at least geek-curious, right? Also, bold statements like ‘I met Commander Shepard and Kaidan Alenko’ need to be backed up by documentary evidence! Unlike my usual posts, this one is doesn’t really have a point, other to show you guys some awesome costumes I saw and to share with you guys a few experiences I had while there. I confess that although I did play a couple of demos, I didn’t really focus on the gaming side of the con at all, so I won’t be covering anything substantive about upcoming games at all. This post is intended as more of a fun look at an up and coming convention. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Can you spot the cheeese toastie?

Can you spot the cheeese toastie?

NOTE: This post is coming a bit late, because (for those of you not on Twitter) I was on a plane Monday/Tuesday flying back to Hong Kong to visit my family. I’ll be away for two weeks, but not to worry, I’ll still be updating as usual. Other Sam (Grumbl3dook) will be holding down the fort in terms of uploading videos, so you may notice that he’ll be writing up the video blog posts until I return to the UK (I’ll be preemptive and tell you guys not to believe any of his slanderous lies – I wasn’t there! I didn’t do it! It was someone else!) The only minor change will be that I will not be uploading my usual Amnesia videos until I return. Instead, there should be an Oculus Rift video up this Saturday and possibly a Dota 2 video up next Saturday. After that, things should return to normal!

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