One Lovely Blog Award!

Another award? Cheeese you’re totally on fire! And clearly slightly mad, what with the talking to yourself thing. But in all seriousness, I am extremely humbled to be receiving another award from a fellow blogger. That blogger is none other than the lovely Hecubus. She’s an extremely talented blogger and I always love reading whatever she has to write, which usually has something to do with video games, particularly JRPGs. She has a great writing style and always has something interesting to say about the latest piece of news or the most recent game she’s been playing. If you haven’t checked out her blog, please do, because you’re missing out! She was also one of the very first followers of my blog, which is pretty awesome. Anyways, thanks so much for the nomination Hecubus and your continued support! It means a lot. 🙂

As with other awards of this kind, there are several steps to accepting this award. First of all, I have to include the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ image in this post:



I’ve already thanked the person who nominated me, so all that’s left is to share 7 things about me, to pass on the award to seven nominees and inform those nominees by posting on their blogs! I’m on it!

Before I dive into that though, I should probably mention something first. This was totally remiss of me, but I did receive a nomination from Rob, the mind behind Find the Blue Key a while ago for the Sunshine Blogger Award. It was pretty much at the same I received my other Sunshine Blogger Award, so I didn’t end up writing up a separate post about it, but that doesn’t make me any less grateful for it. Thanks a lot Rob! If you haven’t been his blog, you really should! He writes about all the latest news in the games industry and always adds his own viewpoint. He’s a good writer and has a clear and straightforward writing style that’s easy to read, while still retaining its own style. Go check it out!

Also, I realise this post is coming a little late (I had intended to put it up over the weekend). I admit I took that much needed R&R I was talking about instead, but from this week on things should return to normal! There will also be two posts up this week – this one and a review of The Last of Us, which should be up sometime later this week, so check back for that!

Now on with the 7 random facts about Cheeese Toastie! You know, at this pace, you guys are going to know more about me than a lot of the people in my real life. The facts also might get increasingly weird as I try to find interesting tidbits that I haven’t already told you about. 🙂

1. I love good food and I tend to eat a lot (I know, it’s weird,  I must have a fast metabolism or something, because I don’t seem to ever gain weight), but I really can’t stand going to super-posh restaurants. My experience of those kinds of places is usually that the waiters are snobby, the food portions are super small while the cost is disproportionately high and the atmosphere is generally uncomfortable. I usually end up just wanting to eat a good burger afterwards. I love good food, but I don’t think that always has to translate to busting your wallet to get it. Of course that’s not the case with all nice restaurants and I don’t mind forking out a bit more once in a while if the place serves food I like and it doesn’t feel like everyone has a stick jammed up their ass.

2. I’m not afraid of much. I love scary movies, but they rarely faze me and I used to live in a house that was long known to be haunted (and believe me a lot of creepy things happened in that house, but that’s a whole post in itself). I’m not superstitious and while I find people scarier I would still say it takes a lot to frighten me. The one thing I am deathly afraid of is insects. Yup, all kinds of insects, except maybe ants… though not in large numbers. Sigh… I guess we all have to have our own personal Kryponite.

3. I’ve sustained a lot of injuries in my life. I split my head open when I was a kid and had to get stitches in my head. I’ve dislocated my knee numerous times, been punched in the face repeatedly in my kickboxing days and according to my boyfriend, my knees look they belong to an 8-year old kid’s – they’re constantly scuffed up and bruised like I’ve been playing with the other kids outside all day. But for some reason, I haven’t had any of the normal stuff like nosebleeds, broken bones or even chicken pox. Yup, never had any of that. Weird right?

4. Apparently I find strange things cute, like sharks. I don’t know why no one else seems to think sharks are adorable. Obviously I don’t necessarily want to be chilling out in the water next to one, but they’re cute nonetheless. Dolphins on the other hand… are creepy psychopathic killers who are only tolerating us because it suits them at the present time, if you ask me.

5. I have this weird talent and I feel ok with saying that I’m good at this, because who’s going to be humble over a useless skill like this? Basically, I seem to pretty good at recognising voices. For example, for most anime, there’s usually at least one person where I’m like ‘oh yeah, that’s the guy from Full Metal Alchemist’ or ‘that’s the woman who voices Rukia from Bleach’. It’s not that impressive, but I’m probably a good person to have around when you’re like ‘oh, that guy sounds familiar, what’s he from?’ I’m decent at recognising faces too, but I’m not quite as good at that. Names, however, not so much. So, there you go! A super random skill you probably never needed to know about me! That’s what these things are all about right?

6. My favourite drink is water. I love water. It’s so tasty and refreshing! I could (and have to) drink it all day! My favourite alcoholic drinks are whiskey and Guinness.

7. I’m the youngest of 3. My sister is 10 years older and my brother’s 7 years old. My sister often said that I was more her older sister, which probably sounds a little weird. Like with most Chinese families of my parents’ generation, my extended family is extremely large. One of my cousins was working at my dad’s office and I walked past her for 2 years not knowing she was my cousin, before one day my mom told me ‘to say hi to your cousin Tracy.’ Needless to say, I was a little surprised. To be honest, I’m not even sure how many cousins I have. A lot though, that’s for sure. My dad had 12 siblings and I think my mom had 8 (I could be totally wrong on those numbers, but it was something like that) and most of them had children. My mom and dad’s siblings live all over the world though, so I rarely see most of them. I’ve got cousins in the US, Canada, Sweden, Hong Kong and China, so we’re pretty multicultural!

Now, on to the nominations! The seven bloggers I’m nominating for this award are:

PhoenixDown – one of my main sources of gaming news on the blogosphere. She not only writes about all the latest news on games and the industry, she always her own spin on it. She’s also a great writer!

The Chindividual – he writes about video games, general geek culture and health. His pieces are always opinionated, thoughtful and fascinating to read.

The Vortex Effect – a hugely entertaining site about gaming and a range of non-gaming topics like e professional wrestling, MMA, movie reviews and politics. Sound interesting? It is!

Station Deva –  a blog predominantly about video games, although not exclusively. He writes in-depth reviews of games that make great reading.

The Whiteboard – an excellent entertainment-focused blog. I enjoy reading anything these guys write – whether it’s about video games, TV, music or anything else.

At The Buzzer – a super-blog full of pretty much EVERYTHING you could want as a geek – articles, gameplay videos and a hilarious podcast that I listen to religiously. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you’re missing out. They’re also the minds behind Geek Force Network, the other site that I’m involved with!

The Duck of Indeed – The Duck writes on a range of topics including video games, everyday life and comics. His blog is humorous with a great conversational style. Also, who doesn’t love ducks? He’s also one of the 3 creators of United We Game, the other other site I’m involved with!

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed that special post and thanks again to Hecubus for the nomination. See you guys again soon!

15 responses to “One Lovely Blog Award!

  1. Congrats on the award! To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of bugs either. I don’t have a paralyzing fear of them, but I do freak out with most of them. This is why fighting against the buglike creatures in Borderlands is not my favorite thing to do. I end up shrieking most of the time, much to my friend’s amusement. 😛

    • Thanks! 🙂 Haha yeah, it does kind of vary for me (my level of fear I mean) depending on the size and hairiness and number of eyes, but yeah I am genuinely terrified of things like spiders and cockroaches. And I really hate fighting bugs in video games too! Although sometimes I think I end up getting really really angry at them instead and killing all of them, which I guess works too!

  2. Congrats on the award Sam! And thank you for the nomination. I love these types of blogs because it is always fun to learn a little more about the person behind the blog. This is the kind of stuff I’d never glean from just simply reading your blogs. Cool stuff. Also made sure to follow any of the other blogs you mentioned. Always good to find some new blogs to check out.

    • Thanks a lot and no worries! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. 😀 I tried to think of things you guys would have no way of knowing about me that you might find vaguely interesting. I’m glad you checked out the other blogs too. They’re all awesome!

  3. Congratulations on acquiring the award ma’am! Very interesting stuff – cannot fathom as to why you are afraid of bugs though when you seem well, kinda dangerous! I additionally totally agree with you about sharks – I think they’re beautiful because they are the perfect predator – all they do is swim, eat and once a year they breed more of ’emselves. Thank you also for the award ma’am! Really appreciate it! 😀 😀

    • Thanks! Yeah, I’m not sure when it started, but my fear of insects is completely irrational! I don’t really even know why I’m so afraid of them myself. I definitely have a phobia of some of them, like spiders, cockroaches and beetles, but small ones like ants just give me the creeps. Where other people see beautiful butterflies, I just see a horrible disgusting insect. 🙂
      Yay, another shark lover! I definitely agree that it’s the very fact that they’re such incredible predators that makes them so beautiful. And honestly, I just think they look kind of adorable. 😛
      No worries about the nomination! I always like reading your reviews. You deserve the recognition. 🙂

  4. Congrats, Sam!! You deserve all the love your blog has been getting lately. Also, I’m so glad there’s another person out there who just plain loves water. It is incredible stuff. But then so is whiskey, which I like in my Irish root beers. =)

    • Thanks a lot! It’s awesome that you like water too! We should have a water drinking party, which might sound boring to some, but I’m sure would be super fun! And yeah, whiskey is amazing. I admit I did have to look up what Irish root beer was and I’m glad I did, because it sounds so good!!!

  5. Thanks much for nominating me!

    I think sharks are cute, too. And bats, even though most people get the idea that bats are determined to entangle themselves in people’s hair, which I highly doubt. And I’ve never gotten any broken bones, either, but I drink a lot of milk.

    • No problem! I only recently came across your blog (via UWG), but I’m glad I did. I love the stuff you write!
      And yeah sharks are totally underrated. I mean I know they’ve got all those rows of teeth and everything and they’re kind of deadly, but that shouldn’t stop people admiring them!
      Haha I like bats too, although I have to say I did see one walking for the first time a few years ago and it did creep me out a bit at the time. But I got over it and I totally love them again.
      Yay for people with super strong bones! We could start our own superhero group. I’m pretty sure strong bones is a desirable trait in a superhero, right? 🙂

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