We’re making an Assassin’s Creed game!

If you follow on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook, you’re probably very aware of the latest big news in the world of Cheeese. And this time I’m not just over-dramatic, I swear! So what’s this awesome news that’s had me blabbering on and on about it at length? Well, it’s this: Ubisoft announced yesterday that my studio is developing an Assassin’s Creed game called Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China, which will be available as part of the AC Unity Season Pass.

It’s 2.5D platformer set in 16th century China and follows an assassin called Shao Jun – the name will probably be familiar to you if you watched the Assassin’s Creed Embers animated movie and/or are familiar with AC lore. As you can tell from the video below, the look is very stylized and takes inspiration from Chinese watercolour paintings. As you can tell, there are many features that should familiar to AC fans, but Shao Jun also has all-new skills and Assassin gear like the Jian Sword and the Foot Blade. Check it out:

http://assassinscreed.ubi.com/en-GB/news/news_detail.aspx?c=tcm:154-172943-16&ct=tcm:148-76770-32 Continue reading

So You Want a Job in the Games Industry?

First of all, good luck, because the competition is fierce! I’ve written about this topic before and I’m hoping I haven’t come across as overly negative, because I don’t regret giving up law for games and for me, it was absolutely the right decision. But counter-intuitive as this might seem, I don’t think everyone would enjoy turning their hobby into a job. This is pretty general to anyone, but I feel like the games industry in particular is one that many people have placed on a pedestal as their life dream and something they’ll strive to achieve for many years, but without really understanding many of the practicalities of actually well… doing the job. Obviously this doesn’t apply to everyone. If you’ve researched the role you want, had a bit of work experience and are sure that it’s really what you want to do, then good for you and good luck! So again, I’m absolutely not trying to discourage anyone, merely give you some food for thought as someone who’s been there and done that. Continue reading