Sam and Sam’s Tekkit Ender Quest Part 5 and 6 and some good news

For anyone who didn’t see this on Twitter, I know I was supposed to put this up yesterday, but I was a bit sick, so here’s two for you today. Sorry about that!

Also, again for those of you who aren’t following me on Twitter, I’ll be starting a two week internship at Gamespot in a week or so and like with the PC Gamer stuff, I’ll put up the links for any work I do here for anyone interested!

This time me and Grumbl3dook prove the old saying ‘two heads are better than one’ is just wrong. In that vein we set out on an all-important rubber-collecting quest, murder each other and get stuck in with some major home improvement. We also actually get some stuff done – if you ever wanted to know how to build a rubber tree farm, here’s your chance!

Part 5:

Part 6:

Realism in games – a step in the wrong direction?

Hello my pretties! First things first, you may have noticed from the title that this post is not going to be on the PS4. I toyed with the idea for a while, but decided that many amazing people have written very informative posts on that already, for instance LadyCroft3. You can check out her post here for an excellent rundown on the big PS4 reveal that happened last week and what it might mean for the future of console gaming. Instead, this week I’m writing on an issue that’s close to my heart – realism in games and the general trend in the games industry of making games that are more and more realistic. When it came out, everyone was gushing about Half Life 2‘s physics engine and the ability it gives you to manipulate objects or affect the environment in ways  that closely mimic real life. With every new innovation in technology, we are brought closer and closer to games that not only look like real life, but actually behaves like it and contains people that seem as solid as you or I. If you aren’t convinced, just take a look at Quantic Dream’s impressive tech demo: 

It’s incredible isn’t it? People love this kind of thing and it’s no wonder that developers are scrambling over themselves to provide it for them.

You might think that being a huge fan of immersive RPGs like the Mass Effect series, I would love realism in my games. I’m not denying that it has its place or that I am eagerly awaiting the day where virtual reality becomes more than a game and becomes almost like a second life. However, I believe that there’s more to games than that, that we can take the medium further and that this obsession with realistic graphics, physics engines and AI and so on will have a negative impact on the industry we love so much.

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Sam and Sam’s Tekkit Ender Quest Part 1

As promised, here’s the first part to my new Minecraft series. Me and Grumbl3dook (or Sam) have joined forces to bumble our way through to the End!

“Expect much laughter, camaraderie, dirty jokes and slavery.”

If that statement doesn’t make any sense to you, just watch the video. It will. Eventually.
To celebrate the start of the series, we’ll be putting out a new video out every day this week, so keep checking back!

Let’s Play Amnesia: The Dark Descent Part 8 Damn you doors!

The next part is up!
Just a quick reminder – I’ll be putting up blog posts every Monday from now on, so check back after the weekend! Videos will still come out Wednesday and Saturday. Also, starting next week I should be adding Minecraft videos to my channel as well.
Anyways, enough of that, hope you enjoy the video!

Let’s Play Amnesia: The Dark Descent Part 7 and the actual update!

I love the fact that I seem to be more scared by random noises and my own shadow than by actual monsters.
Check it out, enjoy and don’t forget to rate it!
Oh and before I forget, remember that update I was going to give you last week and then promptly forget to actually tell you about? Well, hopefully next week I should start putting up Minecraft videos alongside my Amnesia videos. I think I may alternate them, so one video from each series a week, since I do have a life… sort of, but we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully you guys will like them!