Ever wanted to make your own game? Check out Learn 2 Game-Jam!

L2GJLogo_CropNope, this isn’t your ordinary game jam! This game jam, organised and brought to my attention by Steve, the founder of games blog NJoystic has a different focus than most – this time it’s all about learning how to make games. I love game jams anyway, for the amount of community spirit and creativity they foster, but this one has community spirit coming out of its ears! Game jams, for those who don’t know, are when game devs get together to make a game from scratch within a short time frame – usually around 24-48 hours. They can be competitive or non-competitive. Learn 2 Game-Jam is of the non-competitive variety and will run from April 15-May 15, 2014. Best of all, it’s open to everyone – whether you’ve had years of experience making your own games or have zero experience. Check out Steve’s post here for the full details or read on for more info!

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Grumbl3dook Gaming – Did somebody say GG?


Greetings Internet!

Our beloved Cheeesetoastie is hard at work for something special for next week and so I, Grumbl3dook the Recalcitrant, will take this opportunity to sneak in and hijack her blog, and all for the noble cause of shameless self-promotion! You’ve probably heard me mention my obsession with Dota 2 occasionally, and if you’ve been paying close attention you’ll remember me mentioning my new, Dota-based Youtube/Twitch/Twitter/Wordpress/Cult… thing. Brand? I dunno, anyway it’s called Grumbl3dookGaming, its Dota-themed and its got stuff for all people whether you are:

1: Already a frothing Dota goon!

2: Scaling that learning curve like a greased mountain goat on steroids.

3: Just getting started in the game, probably just finishing off all the goodbye letters to the people you used to know and hang out with…

4: Waiting for your PC to arrive by albatross in your cave at the top of a mountain rising straight out of the middle of the Pacific Ocean.


(I don’t think I left anyone out, did I?)

  • There’s stuff for beginners – I’ve already got a noobs-only tutorial out for people who answered 4 above, and I’ve also started doing coaching sessions where I’ll be focusing on one hero at a time (I’d love to hear from anyone wanting to be coached, just leave a comment!)
  • There’s funny stuff – Cheeese got me all hooked on video editing so I’ll be posting best-of compilations, fail videos and whatever else occurs to me which might amuse you seething masses.
  • There’s Grumbl3dook-on-Demand – in-game live streaming fun commentary (I hope) plus you get to listen in on the planning stages of a team game, and hear me panic in real time! Huzzah!
  • And finally there’s match commentaries and analyses with me sitting in he casting couch – The Ra’II team has recently joined the JoinDota League so in addition to any other games that catch my eye, you can expect to see some genuine tournament matches. Hopefully without all the in-game pressure I’ll be more Stephen Colbert and less Charlie Sheen!

Deserving of a special mention is my home-grown King-Of-The Hill tournament, started with a bunch of hilarious and talented guys from the Ra’II and The Wave. Here’s a brief outline:

In a Captain’s Mode (CM) game of Dota, two captains take turns drafting and banning out heroes from the hero pool until each has five. This tournament starts things earlier – its an individual competition in which two captains first draft their players out of the people involved before moving into the game itself. The winner is proclaimed King and must accept any challenge until they are defeated – rinse, wash and repeat ad infinitum (or should that be ad nauseum….).

All 12 games played so far are in a playlist on my youtube channel – and I can assure you there’s been plenty of action, backstabbing and tears so far, and the grudges that have accumulated are begging to be paid…

If this sounds like your kind of thing or you’ve liked my madness in Minecraft or Antichamber and just want to hang out then please become a Grumbl3dookGaming supporter (a ‘Grumbling’ – noun: A dark, skittering shadow in service to a darker master) by liking/subscribing/following/commenting/thumbs-upping/favouriting/5-starring/whatever-social-media-term-applies-in-the-future-ing and most importantly ENJOYING my stuff on the following links:

Youtube          Twitch          Twitter          WordPress

P.S: Don’t think this means there will be any less of me right here as per usual on good old CheeeseToastieandVideoGames.

P.P.S: Oh God, Cheeese is back already! I’m not doing anything… No I’m not… No, NOOO NOOOOOOOOOOO…….


If you follow me on Twitter, you might have heard that CheeeseToastieandVideoGames now has over 100 followers! To celebrate this exciting milestone, I’ve decided to hold a giveaway (of a recent game this time – it may SHOCK you INFINITELY. Get it? Shock you… it’s BioShock Infinite ok?) and write a special blog post for you guys. I wanted to do something a little different for the post, so what I’ve decided on is a sort of Q&A where I answer any questions you guys have for me, whether it’s about myself, how to land games magazine internships, what it’s like working for at a games magazine or anything at all! Obviously if you’re going to ask me embarrassing or super personal questions I’m probably not going to pick those, but other than that I’ll answer pretty much anything! Feel free to get creative – it doesn’t just need to be about games. Depending how many there are, I’ll probably just pick a few and focus on those.You can email me the questions at cheeesetoastie555@gmail.com, or tweet them to me at @CheeeseToastie or just leave them as comments to this post. I’ll give it until Friday, so make sure to send them in soon! 

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My Console War Update: Everyone step away from your keyboards!

This is probably the last time I’ll post on this topic for a while, because I’m getting a liiiiittle sick of the topic, but I figured I should update you guys on my thoughts on Microsoft’s shock reversal of their used games and DRM policies I was discussing last time. I’m still neither a Sony or Microsoft fangirl, although I have pretty much always been more of an Xbox fan this generation. I’m choosing my console solely on what I want out of it and I don’t think there are really any right or wrong answers here. These are just my personal views on that matter, you may totally disagree with me and that’s cool too!

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E3 Round-up: The console that won my heart and the games I’m most looking forward to

In this generation of consoles, I’ve always been a bit more of an Xbox fan, but I have to say, my heart is pretty much set on the PS4 this time around. I don’t think I feel as strongly about this issue as a lot of people (I really wouldn’t consider myself a fangirl of either company really) and I have nothing against Microsoft at all, but it’s their policies that really got to me in the end. I think a lot of Xbox One’s unpopularity at the moment comes down to a failure of strategy/marketing their product and of Sony really stepping up the game and really listening to what their fans want. I accept that at least a large part of Sony’s success at E3 and in the console war so far is that they’re much better at PR. There’s no denying now that they know how to throw a kick ass conference that’s full of noise and colour and pretty images. If that were all it came down to, I probably would have picked the Xbox One, however that’s not the case. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the Xbox One as a gaming console. In fact, in terms of hardware, it’s pretty similar to the PS4 and when I first learned what the Xbox One’s capabilities were I was somewhat intrigued, even if I didn’t really care all the much about the social functions (I’m not a particularly social gamer) or about their focus on entertainment. I thought those were still interesting features and would be nice additions to a gaming console. Watching the conference, although I did cringe at how oblivious the people at Microsoft were at how they were coming across, there were quite a few exclusives that I really wanted to check out.

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Highlights of the Week: Sony teases PS4 reveal, GTA 5 delayed and upcoming Mass Effect 3 DLC

Rumours have been abound all over the web today about the PS4 after Sony put up a video last night that said literally nothing about anything other than promising that we will “see the future” on Feb 20.Of course, pretty much everyone is assuming that this means a PS4 announcement before E3 where it was originally expected to happen. Check out the video below for yourself:

The use of the official PlayStation logo has hinted towards this and to be honest, at this point if they don’t make a PS4 announcement on Feb 20 there will probably be blood (not a threat, just an observation)!

Hilariously enough, a Microsoft insider told CVG that “[v]ictory will go not to those who make the most noise, but those who make the most impact,” while a Sony insider responded that “[t]he war won’t be won by producing the most powerful system”. Is this… trash talking? Everyone calm down before someone gets hurt!

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Highlights of the Week: a Fallout TV show, no Tomb Raider demo and the debate on violence in video games continues

It’s been a week of interesting and somewhat surprising games-related news, so if you haven’t been keeping up-to-date, here’s a few snippets of particularly juicy bits to have hit the front pages this week.

First off, (Fallout fans might want to sit down for this) a Fallout TV show may be on the horizon! Erik Todd Dellums, the voice actor for Three Dog from Fallout 3 recently tweeted “[t]o all my #Fallout3 and #ThreeDog fans: There may be more of the Dog coming! Fingers crossed!” This agonising tease led to renewed rumours about Fallout 4, which has yet to be announced by Bethesda, but the suspense may now be over. According to Eurogamer Bethesda Softworks has registered a trademark for “an on-going television program set in a post-nuclear apocalyptic world.” This could be what the mysterious tweet was referring to, but regardless the general consensus is that it sounds an awful lot like Fallout might be getting its own TV show. Excited yet? I thought so. Of course that means you’ll have to keep waiting for Fallout 4 news, but this should tide you over until then. In the meantime out this awesome Three Dog remix made by BBnanner below:

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