Resogun: In with the new, out with the old (sort of)

Image belongs to Housemarque

Image belongs to Housemarque

As those of you who follow me on Twitter (@CheeeseToastie) probably know, the delayed launch of the PS4 for Europe left me foaming at the mouth in anticipation, even though there weren’t that many launch titles I was really that excited about. So when I finally received it and after drooling over my beautiful new console for a while, I decided to sample a bunch of the games I’d bought for it, the first being Killzone: Shadow Fall. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that the game that kept drawing me back again and again was the indie title Resogun by Housemarque . At the moment, it’s my favourite game on PS4 hands down. Resogun is an impressive looking and ridiculously addictive sidescrolling shooter that rotates 360 degrees around a central hub. While it’s unrelentingly and unapologetically old school, it’s also refreshingly original and somehow feels like a true next gen experience. Continue reading

Guest Post: The Console War isn’t about hardware – It’s about IPs

Here’s another guest post for you all to enjoy. Check out more details about the author below! Now over to Charlie:

Since February this year, we have heard a lot about Sony’s console offering and we’ve heard a lot about Microsoft’s console offering. It’s been in the mainstream media as well as the specialist press and online publications. The gaming conferences have been streamed live online, in order to cover these momentous announcements and Pre-orders have been taken at multiple retailers across the UK, Europe and the US, showing unrivalled and growing interest in the games console industry. But in the end, when the consoles are released I suspect it won’t be the hardware that is the deciding factor for many people to base their purchasing decisions on. Continue reading

My Console War Update: Everyone step away from your keyboards!

This is probably the last time I’ll post on this topic for a while, because I’m getting a liiiiittle sick of the topic, but I figured I should update you guys on my thoughts on Microsoft’s shock reversal of their used games and DRM policies I was discussing last time. I’m still neither a Sony or Microsoft fangirl, although I have pretty much always been more of an Xbox fan this generation. I’m choosing my console solely on what I want out of it and I don’t think there are really any right or wrong answers here. These are just my personal views on that matter, you may totally disagree with me and that’s cool too!

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E3 Round-up: The console that won my heart and the games I’m most looking forward to

In this generation of consoles, I’ve always been a bit more of an Xbox fan, but I have to say, my heart is pretty much set on the PS4 this time around. I don’t think I feel as strongly about this issue as a lot of people (I really wouldn’t consider myself a fangirl of either company really) and I have nothing against Microsoft at all, but it’s their policies that really got to me in the end. I think a lot of Xbox One’s unpopularity at the moment comes down to a failure of strategy/marketing their product and of Sony really stepping up the game and really listening to what their fans want. I accept that at least a large part of Sony’s success at E3 and in the console war so far is that they’re much better at PR. There’s no denying now that they know how to throw a kick ass conference that’s full of noise and colour and pretty images. If that were all it came down to, I probably would have picked the Xbox One, however that’s not the case. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the Xbox One as a gaming console. In fact, in terms of hardware, it’s pretty similar to the PS4 and when I first learned what the Xbox One’s capabilities were I was somewhat intrigued, even if I didn’t really care all the much about the social functions (I’m not a particularly social gamer) or about their focus on entertainment. I thought those were still interesting features and would be nice additions to a gaming console. Watching the conference, although I did cringe at how oblivious the people at Microsoft were at how they were coming across, there were quite a few exclusives that I really wanted to check out.

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Highlights of the Week: Sony teases PS4 reveal, GTA 5 delayed and upcoming Mass Effect 3 DLC

Rumours have been abound all over the web today about the PS4 after Sony put up a video last night that said literally nothing about anything other than promising that we will “see the future” on Feb 20.Of course, pretty much everyone is assuming that this means a PS4 announcement before E3 where it was originally expected to happen. Check out the video below for yourself:

The use of the official PlayStation logo has hinted towards this and to be honest, at this point if they don’t make a PS4 announcement on Feb 20 there will probably be blood (not a threat, just an observation)!

Hilariously enough, a Microsoft insider told CVG that “[v]ictory will go not to those who make the most noise, but those who make the most impact,” while a Sony insider responded that “[t]he war won’t be won by producing the most powerful system”. Is this… trash talking? Everyone calm down before someone gets hurt!

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