The Witcher 2 Review: So many monsters so little time

witcher2 2013-05-13 00-19-49-55

Wow, so that took a LOT longer to finish than I was expecting it to. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Witcher 2 by CD Projekt Red, but especially for semi-completionists like me it was long. I mean REALLY long. The important thing though is, of course, was it fun? Did I like it? Would I recommend it to you? And the answer to those questions is YES, YES and YES! It’s won around 50 awards including Game of the Year and Best RPG and was received critical acclaim as one of the deepest, most beautiful and most immersive RPGs of our generation and I wholeheartedly agree with those assessments. I didn’t play the first one, but even on it’s own, it far surpassed my expectations. It isn’t without it’s flaws, but in general, the Witcher 2 is truly a masterpiece.

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