Guest Post: Zombies are Not Scary

This week I bring to you the second guest post of the month, again on the topic of horror. The blogger I’m featuring this week is the always entertaining and insightful Duck of gaming blog The Duck of Indeed and one of the admins of United We Game. Remember to check out both of those sites for more awesome gaming stuff! Also, remember to check out my post on his blog when it goes up. I’ll reblog it here over the weekend too. Without further ado, over to Duck! 

This month, the bloggers over at “United We Game” have been participating in simul-posts most suited to the month that Halloween calls home, where we write guest posts on our fellow bloggers’, well, blogs on the topic of what’s scary in video games.  Unlike many others, the Duck is not very familiar with the horror genre, but I still have experienced scary things in my games.  So when I thought over this topic, I asked myself, what scares the Duck in video games?  And what scares me that shouldn’t and what should scare me but does not? Continue reading

Remember Me Review: The game that almost made it

Image belongs to Dontnod

Image belongs to Dontnod

Oh Remember Me, never before have I had such mixed feelings about a game before. Were you good? Bad? Fun? It’s difficult to even pin down that much, because it was at once incredibly unique, even visionary and simultaneously mediocre. This should give you an idea of how I felt about this game. I went from intrigued in the first few hours to a little bored, at which point I pushed it to the side for a couple of weeks to play Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, then got really into it again, then finally finished it and considered playing it again (although not right away) and then ironically, promptly completely forgot all about it until now. In fact, 2 days ago I was actually  musing about what to write for my weekly blog post today and was considering something GTA V related (my newest obsession), when Remember Me suddenly popped back into my mind. That’s pretty much how I feel about this action-adventure game by French developers Dontnod. While there are so many things for me to rave about, there’s always a ‘but’ lingering on the horizon, waiting to swoop in. Remember Me was a good game, but sadly it never quite lived up to the enormous potential it had.

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