D.I.C.E is a-coming!!!

As you probably noticed, this is not my normal post and it’s unlikely (though not impossible) that I’ll be getting one out this week as I’ve just been way too busy prepping for D.I.C.E/Vegas. But, even though I’m gone all of next week, I’ll most likely be able to find some time to write a post, since I have a few days before the conference actually starts with not much to do! So I’ll try to get a post up the middle of next week for you guys, because if you’re anything like me you start getting a little twitchy without your cheese-y fix! If I don’t though, don’t panic, I’ve probably not melted under the desert sun and am most likely just too busy to write the post. Grumbl3dook will continue to post videos while I’m away though (we’ll have prepared a few videos in advance), so even if I do have to be gone for the whole two weeks, there will still be regular content on this blog! I will most likely at least post a brief update though, even if not a full post. And on my return CTVG readers have much to look forward! What am I talking about? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see won’t you? 🙂

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