I’M ALIVEEEEEEEEEE! A cheesy update

I have returned! And I see that the blogosphere managed to survive without me for 2 weeks. Good, good, that’s what I like to hear. This post is mainly to update you guys on my plans for CTVG this coming year. Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere just yet, so you will get your weekly cheese and video games fix as per usual, but there will be a few necessary changes.

As many of you probably know, I started work this week in Publisher Relations at Climax Studios, the developers behind games like Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and the Rocket Knight reboot. And from what I’ve seen so far of our current projects, well let’s just say I’m super excited! There’s some truly awesome stuff going on there at the moment and I’m really grateful to be a part of it. And no, I’m not just saying that because I’m supposed to – you guys have known me long enough that you hopefully know that I wouldn’t bullshit you. I’ll keep you guys updated with what I can of course!

So what does the new job mean for CTVG? Wellllll, the thing is that since my job is to develop relations with publishers there’ll be certain topics and games I’ll have to avoid discussing/reviewing. I hope that doesn’t disappoint you guys too much, but it is what it is. Since I’m not a games journalist, I can’t just write whatever I want and bashing the products of companies I’m working with or might work with in the future would make things beyond awkward very very quickly. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be plenty of content for CTVG! And whatever I do write about will of course be 100% my own opinion. It just means the focus will have to shift a bit. I’ll still do plenty of reviews for indie games, more opinion pieces and I’ll be coming up with all new content for you guys too! One thing that I was thinking about doing was write a few pieces giving advice to those of you who are trying to break into the industry. I got a lot of questions about this before, back when I was interning/freelancing and believe me, I know it can seem impossible to get that foot in the door, but it’s really isn’t. I’ll also probably be writing more industry-related stuff and maybe a few personal pieces here and there. I’ll be traveling quite a bit for my job and considering how well my MCM Expo piece did, I figure at least some of you guys might be interested in reading more about various cons/industry events. In fact, I’ll be attending DICE in Vegas at the beginning of Feb and probably GDC in March, which should be awesome. I’ll keep you guys updated!

That leads me onto another issue. Since I’m going to be attending cons/industry events and visiting publishers’ offices around the world, there may be a week here and there where I can’t post anything. I’ll try to let you guys know if that’s going to happen and it probably won’t come to that most of the time since I can prepare something in advance, but just to give you guys a heads up.

Also, WordPress has informed me that CTVG is now one year old! I may come back and try to do something special for it, but for now I just want to thank you all for reading, commenting and generally just being awesome. The people that I’ve met through my blog are what really made this experience so amazing so far. CTVG has grown far beyond what I expected to and it looks like it’s still going. Every new week brings a bunch of new followers and increased views – it even hit 500 views in a day, which was pretty good for a little blog like mine! But even if only 3 of you were out there reading my posts every week I’d still be tremendously grateful. I especially want to thank those of you have been around since the beginning and those of you who have ever taken the time out to leave a comment or even just a like. But even if you’re just popping in once in a while to read what I write or watch my videos, you’re still awesome! Thanks and I love you all! Here’s to many more years for CTVG! 🙂


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