Sooo I’ve had a post prepared for this week, but unfortunately I can’t post it until I receive the info I’m waiting for. So due to circumstances outside of my control, the post is going to have to wait a little bit. It’s ready to go though, so as soon I get what I need the post will go right up on my blog. Hopefully that should happen in the next couple of days. It’s going to be a special one though, so make sure to check back for it!


5 responses to “Update!

  1. Ticket on this hype train has been purchased. I am ready for an awesome post. Ok, I just really wanted to use hype train in something, but I am seriously super curious. Don’t keep us waiting too long!

    • Oh no! The pressure! Hopefully I’ll be able to impress the mighty twohp2few! Otherwise I shall refund the price of your hype train ticket. In all seriousness though, hype train is a pretty awesome phrase. And I won’t! In fact, the post should be up later today. πŸ˜€

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