Let’s Play Amnesia: The Dark Descent Part 33

As we’re nearing the end, I’ve decided to make a slightly longer video this week. Watch as I struggle with stairs, tonics, captivity and surprises!


4 responses to “Let’s Play Amnesia: The Dark Descent Part 33

  1. For a while there I was so frustrated with you, ha ha… I thought the key was on the pipe, not inside the pipe, and I was yelling to myself, why can’t you use the chair !!!!!!!! LOL

  2. That ‘pretty dead’ naked guy – was his uh, how do I put this – was one of his dangley bits visible?
    Also, I hate it in games where you have to run away from the big scary monster that is vying for your destruction – reminds me of Condemned.
    Good work with the puzzle solving BTW. Just a question – this is not the first video where you have referred to the character as a douche – if he is as you put it, a douche, why do you persist? In the past when I have found the central character to be a douche, I have often just thrown in the towel and left the character in the hell that they made.

    • Haha yup! In all its glory… unfortunately. It’s happened before in this game and it’s always really awkward. 🙂
      Yeah, being chased by monsters is always really intense, especially when you have literally no way of counter-attacking.
      Thanks! And yeah, I do think the guy is kind of an asshole, but I’ve thought that about many a main character before and it wouldn’t necessarily deter me from playing a game unless there was something else I didn’t like about it – like the story or gameplay being poor. In fact, I sometimes find ‘bad’ or unpleasant characters more interesting than a nice one, because it gives me a chance to try to figure out why they are the way they are. Even if there’s no chance of redemption, I find stories about horrible people fascinating, because they usually tell us something about the human psyche. Even the worst kinds of people are still human beings and worth considering, in my opinion – even if it’s just in an academic light. I won’t necessarily always be fighting in their corner, but I’ll still be interested in seeing the story through to the end. So yeah, maybe it’s just a personal preference, who knows.

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