Guest Post: How Richard Morgan re-introduced me to science-fiction (sort of)

Check out the guest post I wrote for Roboheartbeat! I promised sci-fi and I doth provide. 🙂


This week, I have a very special guest post from one of my favorite bloggers, Sam at Cheeese Toastie and Video Games! If you haven’t already checked out her site, you really should. She writes all about video games and posts awesome playthrough videos of the games she’s playing. Today, she writes about science fiction and one of her favorite novelists and series in the genre. =)

It’s no secret that I’m a huge science-fiction fan. It probably started with Star Wars when I was a kid and just sort of escalated from there. I’ve always enjoyed consuming all kinds of sci-fi TV shows, movies and games. Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek: the Original Series and the Mass Effect trilogy are some of my favourite franchises of all time. I love lasers and spaceships and technology. I love it with an all-consuming passion and I can’t get enough of it…

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