A CheeeseToastie on Holiday!

I’m on holiday! Yay! Technically I was already on holiday last week, but this week I’m determined to actually tear myself away from the internet for a whole week. Ok, that’s a lie, I’ll probably be lurking around here and there, but I won’t be putting out my usual blog post this week and I won’t checking out the rest the awesome content that my fellow bloggers are putting out. I will probably still reply to messages, but it’ll take me longer. Basically, I’m not ignoring you I promise! I’m just taking a break… whatever that is. I suppose that means I’ll have to go outside and I don’t know… do whatever people do outside these days. I might even go swimming tomorrow. As you can tell, this has not been my most physically active year yet, but I’m planning to rectify that on this holiday of mine. I’m not even playing any video games this week! As the people on Twitter probably know, this has resulted in me suffering from withdrawal symptoms in the form of crazy video game-related dreams and just general weirdness. Anyways, other Sam (Grumbl3dook) will still be posting videos up as normal, so don’t fret, you’ll still get your tri-weekly dose of the slightly insane pairing that is Sam and Sam (if for some reason you happened to be worried at all). Time for me to rest up, catch some sunlight and do some creative writing. I’ll miss you guys, but I shall see you all next week!

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