The start of something epic…


Greetings Internet, Cheeese left me in charge again so today’s video is on something new: Defence of the Ancients (DOTA) 2.

We’ll be having a bunch of cool DOTA2 related stuff up soon, but what if you know less than nothing about the game? Don’t panic – today’s video is an introduction to some basic gameplay, from an amazing match I played recently – so we’ve got you covered bro/broette.

There’s even a bit where I get myself horribly murdered! Fun fun fun…


3 responses to “The start of something epic…

    • League of Legends maybe? They’re very closely linked, so they’re very similar! If you enjoyed LoL, I’m sure you’d enjoy DotA 2! Also, if it is LoL you played that means you’ll have the benefit of pretty much understanding what’s going on in our videos right from the start (although we will be starting from ground zero anyway)! 😀

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