My favourite games of all time or games you should play before you kick the bucket!

UPDATE: I promised to expand this list to include my top ten favourite games quite a while ago (back when this blog was still brand spanking new), so here’s me finally getting around to doing it! This one is going to be a little more difficult than the last one, because once we’re out of the top 5 I can think of a ridiculous number of games I love for many different reasons and in many different ways, but I’d said I’d do it goddamit, so I will!

I’ll mark the titles of the new additions with the word ‘new’, because as you’ll soon discover I’ve actually replaced one of my previous top 5 games with a new one, so it won’t be as straightforward as simply adding entries 6-10. Let me just say now, it might surprise you which game got forced out of my top 5 and which one replaced it!

As I haven’t done anything like this yet and this is still a fairly new blog, I thought it might be nice to write down a list of my all-time favourite games both to introduce myself a bit more and to recommend a few games to you guys as well. Keep in mind that I’m not necessarily saying these are objectively-speaking the ‘best games ever’ even within their respective genres, so if you think any of them are a load of rubbish, that’s absolutely fine! These are just games that captivated me in some way and brought me immense personal enjoyment. I think whether you like a game or not is mostly a subjective experience. I’m not suggesting that a game can’t be judged only on its technical merit. I’m merely saying that enjoyment and preference, the things that are probably most important to your average gamer simply can’t be quantified in any meaningful way. For instance, I can’t deny that the first Uncharted and LA Noire were technically superb games that made great strides in animation, but they just didn’t have that extra quality that makes a game pop to me. There are lots of people, however, that would probably strongly disagree with my opinion of Uncharted and I completely respect that. There are even some games that I spent a lot of time on, like World of Warcraft, but looking back on, although the game brought me a great deal of immediate pleasure, I can’t say it’s a game that brought me much lasting enjoyment.  I think the best reviews of games that I’ve read are the ones that try to weave those two elements: personal experience and objective judgment, together rather than attempt to ignore or deny the existence of your personal feelings. Although, this piece might be leaning more towards the ‘personal’ side than usual, that’s the kind of style that I’ll be trying to bring my blog and I hope it’s one you enjoy!

Last thing I’ll say on my choice of games is that it was a lot harder than I thought it would be to list only a few of my top games. There are lots of games I really liked, but just didn’t make the final cut. Why didn’t these games make the list? Sometimes, like the games I mentioned above, despite being decent in quality and fairly fun, they simply didn’t fulfill that core need that I have, that all gamers have. You know, that part of you that is only satisfied by playing a really good game that works for you. Clearly that core need is different, whether it’s a desire for an excellent narrative or just a need for escapism and I think it’s what makes you pick this game rather than that one. Of course, there are some I love to bits, but just didn’t quite make the top 5 like the original Fable, or the first Halo, Goldeneye or Unreal Tournament. You can probably see a bit of a trend here, I love RPGs, first-person shooters and and open-world games, although as I’ve mentioned before I’m open to playing anything really.

I’m sticking to the best of the best for me, but I may add to this as I find new games that I think are worthy of ‘the list’ and maybe add on a few more if I get the time. Also, as these are not full reviews of the game, they’re probably less detailed than you might expect if you’ve read any of my other pieces as I really just wanted to write down some of my personal thoughts and feelings on them. If there are any games on there that you haven’t played before, I’d really suggest you give it a shot and see if you can’t get the same kind of pleasure I got out of it.

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UPDATED: ‘My favourite games of all time or games you should play before you kick the bucket’

As I have no idea how to make the updated post appear on my front page and reader (I know you can stick the post to the front page, but that isn’t really what I was going for), I’ll just have to provide you guys with the link to my much awaited (right?) update to my favourite games list. I’ve rounded it out to my top 10 as was requested by a few people and I think some of the entries might surprise you guys. Drumroll please!

Check out the updated post here:

Sam and Sam’s Tekkit Ender Quest Part 29

After the chaos that was the 3-part Wolf Special, we decided to take it easy by going to hell (the Nether). It’s an enchanting place full of glowstone, zombie pigmen and haunted by… you know what, I won’t spoil the surprise for you. Watch as we take a relaxing stroll around hell, take in some sights and just generally enjoy each other’s company, while trying desperately not to die.

SSTEQ: Wolf Special Part 3

In this last part of our S.AD.(Secret Arena of Death) series, all hell breaks loose and any illusion of co-op completely disintegrates along with everything else. SO MUCH FIRE! FIRE EVERYWHERE! 

Also, we discover that Wolf has magical powers…

I hope you guys enjoyed our short collaborative series!

I did it! I’m finally a superhero!


Ok, I may have stretched the truth a bit. You won’t see me flying around the rooftops at night, dealing out justice wherever the city needs it, at least not yet. HOWEVER, my friend Sanj did draw an awesome banner featuring me as the superhero I always wanted to be! You might have heard me almost dying on Twitter, because I wanted to show you guys something “$£*(£$&(“*£$& awesome. This is it! I asked for a Mass Effect meets Batman armoured suit and I wanted to be holding a gun in one hand and a cheese toastie in the other (because seriously, I might get hungry from all that crime-fighting) and it’s everything I asked for and more! Ok, so maybe it’s more exciting for me than for you, but my blog is looking a little sharper right…? Doesn’t it make you want to read my stuff even more? I mean… I’m Bat-I mean CheeeseToastie! I’ve even got a little ‘CT’ on my chest plate so you’ll know who’s kicking your ass!


Again, thanks so much to Sanj (why aren’t you a professional comic book artist again?) I hope you guys like the new look of my blog! I didn’t change much, but I did opt for a different background that would show off my wonderful new banner. Here’s a non-banner version of Sanj’s awesome picture! Gotta love it. 😀


Also, as I announced on Twitter earlier, this blog is going to be pretty damn busy over the next week or so. There’ll be announcements, news, a little giveaway, Part 2 and 3 of our Youtube special and more! Keep checking back or if you haven’t followed my blog yet you might want to do that so you don’t miss anything! CheeeseToastie out (dammit, I need a catchphrase… I’ll work on that).