What’s that on the horizon? It’s… it’s a group of awesome bloggers, podcasters and video producers running full throttle at right at your face! Does that sound as appealing to you as it did to me? I should hope so, because it’s finally here: The Geek Force Network!


What is GFN? GFN is essentially a collection of writing, videos and podcasts from some extremely talented individuals on a range of of geeky topics. There’ll be something new up every day at least twice a day, often more, so if you ever want something interesting and geeky to read or watch or listen to, you know where to go! There’s currently 12 (I think) different blogs that have come together for this project, so there will always be plenty of new content to go around!

I haven’t been blogging that long, but the amount of support I’ve received from the followers of this blog as well as the blogger community that I’ve become involved with has been amazing! What started as a few random ideas on Twitter blossomed into a fully fledged blogger network united under the GFN banner. I’m honoured that I was asked to be a part of this and from what I’ve seen of the site so far, I can already tell there are great things in store for us!

Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere, but from now on you’ll also be able to find my videos on GFN as well as here and there are plans to do some interesting collaborative pieces with the rest of the GFN bloggers. Nothing will change on this site , however (cheeesetoastieandvideogames is my baby and do you abandon babies? No.) I’ll still be putting three videos and one blog post out a week (although I may be shifting my weekly blog post from Monday to Tuesday, which I’m guessing won’t be causing any shockwaves). I’ll continue trying to grow this blog and put out new and hopefully interesting content for you guys, but it just means that you’ll be able to find me over at GFN sometimes too. 

They’ve already got some awesome stuff up on the site, so what are you waiting for? Go check it out!

Remember to hit the follow button like what you see:
And if you’re a Twitter person: @geekforcenet
Or a Facebook person:



    • Thank you again for your support! I’m definitely happy I was included in this project and I’m hoping this will be the start of many great things!

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