Far Cry review… coming soon!

This, as you can probably tell from the title, is not a Far Cry review. I’ve almost, but not quite finished it yet. I know, I know, today’s the day I usually post something, but since I’m having my very first guest post on my blog next week, I really wanted to put out my Far Cry review this week, so I don’t forget all the things I wanted to write about it when I get my next chance in 2 weeks time. Yes, I love Far Cry 3 that much that I feel like I have to write this week’s blog post on it, rather than just writing about something else today. Also, once I get that review written, I can update my favourite game list, because I’m already pretty sure that Far Cry is going to have to be added to it (unless something drastic happens in the end portion of the game). Basically, there’ll be no post today (although the next Minecraft video will be out later as usual), but I will definitely get that review out this Wednesday or Saturday to coincide with the videos. Anyway, have a good Monday guys and check back for that Far Cry review!


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