Let’s Play Amnesia: The Dark Descent Part 13

I had to switch the scheduling around this week, so instead of a Minecraft video today, I’ve got an Amnesia video for you and the Minecraft one will be out this Saturday. Things will be back to normal next week.

This isn’t the scariest of episodes, but much progress is made and for once, throwing stuff at other stuff actually worked!


2 responses to “Let’s Play Amnesia: The Dark Descent Part 13

  1. Amnesia has always been one of those games I really wanted to play, but was too big a chicken to really commit to it. It sure is nice being able to watch someone else work through the game in my stead.

    • Yeah, I was a little apprehensive too when I started this! I love scary movies, but there’s something about playing a game and having control of your character that makes it that much scarier and Amnesia just does it so well. I’m glad I took the plunge though, so people can vicariously experience it through me by watching me scare the crap out of myself every week!

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