PC Gamer pieces – Minecraft Mods and Primal Carnage Review!

At last, my first commissioned PC Gamer article (i.e. I got paid)! Awww yeah! Anyways check it out here if you want. It’s a round-up of some recent mods, texture packs and maps for Minecraft that stood out for me, so not the best mods, maps, etc… of all time (there are separate PC Gamer articles for that). Here’s an extra screenshot for you:

Awesome map! 'd suggest bringing a friend.

From Ashes – an awesome map! I’d suggest bringing a friend.


UPDATE: Didn’t realise until I was flicking through the newest issue of PC Gamer (February) that my review on the multiplayer first person shooter Primal Carnage is in the magazine (I wrote it during my internship). Double woot! If you get your hands on the newest issue remember to check me out on page 95!



7 responses to “PC Gamer pieces – Minecraft Mods and Primal Carnage Review!

  1. Great article Sam, and that’s awesome that your review is in the magazine! You should totally put that issue in a glass display case or something :P.

  2. I was just ignoring my girlfriend while we were out shopping to read that article. Small world!

    It was definitely a fun read. Minecraft is one of those games where I keep telling myself to play it again, and articles like your’s don’t help. None of my friends play, though, so it can be difficult to build and build with no one to appreciate any of it.

    Grats on the article(s)!

    • That’s awesome! I like to know that I’m causing people to ignore their partners in order to read my articles! Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling :P.
      Thanks, I’m glad you liked the Minecraft article! I don’t think it’s possible to ever truly leave Minecraft behind. You know it’ll only call you back someday. I do know what you mean about playing by yourself though. It’s a lonely, blocky world out there! I should be setting up a server soon for a bit of an online meetup, so you should join in the fun if you’d like! I’ll announce it on my blog when I get it set up.

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