First PC Gamer article and Let’s Play video update

Hello! Just a short post today to let you guys know about a new page I’ve added to my blog called ‘Work’ – you can probably see the tab I’ve added to the top of the page. I’ve decided I’m going to post links to articles I write for PC Gamer or anyone else here so that you can have a looksee if you want. I just started so I don’t have much to put up yet, but here’s a link to a short news article I wrote while I was working as an intern there. It’s old news and just a short piece, but I figured I’d put it up anyway. It might be fun to have a look at again a few years on!

Also, to update you on the video front, I’ve closed the poll and as you may know, the favourite was… AMNESIA! Yup, so I’ve almost got everything I need set up to record me scaring the shit out of myself except a webcam, so you’ll be able to see my face while I do it! I should be able to put out the video sometime next week, so keep checking back!


2 responses to “First PC Gamer article and Let’s Play video update

    • Thanks, your support is much appreciated! They are indeed a great site/mag and I’m very fortunate to be writing for them. Hopefully you guys like whatever I keep churning out :).
      Also, I checked out your blog and it’s great! I love the design and content!

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